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"Redemption is the best, went above and beyond to make sure we are set up for success. Glenn & Dez took the time to walk us through each step of the process and answered our many questions. Looking forward to working with them going forward."

Craig rodgers


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We offer 3 great opportunities for PPC Campaigns!

Hiring us as your Nashville PPC Management company means that we will help you with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Retargeting ads! We ask that you pay us a small and reasonable management fee, and the spend, or monthly budget, is entirely up to you! We will recommend the minimum competitive budget for you to start and the rest is up to you. We want to get your website noticed and we’re confident that we’ll be able to do that no problem. Check out the 3 types of PPC campaigns we offer below.

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Monthly Management
fees starting at


/ month

FREE Dashboard
Track your campaign ROI
Creates Brand Awareness
Re-engages users back to website
Increases web traffic


Google Adwords Campaigns that work!

When you launch your new website, you’ll want to get exposure as soon as possible! Waiting for an SEO campaign to kick in can take months. That’s why hiring us to launch your Nashville PPC Management campaign is a great decision to start driving traffic to your website ASAP! The first month will comprise of us gathering data, but we are confident we can increase your web traffic in a very short amount of time. The great news about executing a PPC campaign right when your website launches it it also gives us an amazing insight to what your customers are searching. This is invaluable data and will be able to be used in your SEO strategy as well. Consider it a win-win!


Promote your website on Facebook & Instagram!

Not only is a PPC Campaign effective on Google, but it’s also a great idea to create brand awareness on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We’ll create ads for your business, ask what your spend budget is, and we will launch those within 5 business days or less! We’ll monitor the results and you’ll be able to see the campaign’s success on our analytic dashboard!



Retargeting ads is the service of having branded ads created and submitted to our platform that will follow your web users after they have visited your website for up to 30 days. This is an amazing way to stay top of mind to your potential customers and to re-engage them back to your website. Studies show that 26% of website users will come back to your website through re-targeting ads! This is a great opportunity you won’t want to pass up on! Hiring us as your Nashville ppc agency is a great decision!

Client testimonial

The Redemptions team is amazing! They're incredibly knowledgeable, organized and efficient at turning around requests. I really appreciate how transparent they are with the status of their work and the suggestions that they provide after receiving a request. They're an awesome partner and highly suggest working with them
Molly Orpin