SEO for my website

Are you wanting your website to come to the forefront of major search engines? There’s so many things to consider from choosing the right SEO company, reporting, your target and so much more.

“What does my website need to have in order to properly rank on major search engines?

4 major components for a successful SEO Campaign:

  1. easy to use structure
  2. content
  3. meta titles
  4. keywords

1) Good Website Structure

Google needs your website to be user friendly with concise titles, and clear navigation. If a person has a hard time navigating your website, how do you think Google’s bots will do? Make sure that every single page is accessible in the top navigation and the bottom navigation of your website so that Google’s bots can index each page.

2) Content

“Content is King” is a very popular saying in the SEO world. Make sure you have enough content on your homepage and that you have ample content on your service pages! When you’re writing your content, you should make sure your main page’s title is an H1 and the secondary headings are H2s and so on. Remember, content has to be properly structured to adhere to Google’s requirements, so it’s usually best to let your SEO team take care of the content for you.

3) Meta Titles

Have you ever noticed the text on your internet browser tab? That’s a very important component of your website. In your Meta title, or tab name, you should have the city you’re targeting and your pages main keywords separated by vertical line like this; | and then have your company’s name following. So an example is Nashville Web Design | Redemption Online Marketing.

4) Keywords

Do your research. Using tools like SEM Rush to determine what keywords your potential clients are searching before you even consider building your website is very important. Once you figure out who’s searching for what, you can base your entire website and SEO campaign around that. Then, it’s a matter of naturally implementing the keywords in the top, middle, and bottom part of your web page’s content.

These are just 4 basic components to SEO, and we’d love the opportunity to talk more about this. If you’re interested in coming up on Google organically, give us a call!