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Web Design Tips for Small Business

A lot of businesses we have worked with know they need a good website, but they don’t know where to start. A lot of our clients look at their website with their personal opinion in mind, not about what their target market needs.

Below you’re going to find basic tips that every small business owner should know about for their website.

Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

  1. easy to navigate
  2. responsive
  3. a strong call to actions
  4. use your own images
  5. branding elements
  6. animation

1. Easy to Navigate

Your website should have a very easy navigation to guide your user throughout your entire website. The main navigation’s wording should be a very clear representation of what each page means. There should be dropdown menus under the main navigation to allow your user to get straight to a page without scrolling. When your use is on their phone or tablet, we recommend using the hamburger menu at the top of the website.

2. Responsive

Responsive coding means that your website is developed to respond to the type of device your user is on. For example, we design the website at its largest size first, the desktop. Then, our coders will format the website to look great on a tablet and a smartphone.

3. Strong Call to Action

Your website should have a strong call to action so that it positively reinforces your website’s objective. Take a look at your sales protocol and determine what you want your customer to do. Is it call for an estimate? Or is it to schedule an appointment for their consultation? Whatever it is, make sure it’s in the top right corner of your website, on each service page, the footer of the website, and on the contact page.

4. Use your own images

There’s nothing worse than a website who has been in business for years and are still using stock images on their website. In today’s day and age, customers want to connect with the businesses in their area. If you have team pictures, pictures of your work, even pictures of your storefront or office, this will create a story and personability for your customers to engage with.

5. Branding Elements

Say you’re a pet store, their branding elements are paw prints. We ask our clients at the beginning of their website projects what type of branding elements they have developed, and if they say nothing, we will develop some for them. So with the pet store, we have faint paw prints in the background of the website, we have little paw prints used for bullet points, etc. This reinforces your brand that much further. It may be a minor part of your website build, but it does go a long way.

6. Animation

Let’s be very clear on this, animation is only good when it’s done very tastefully and is not overdone. We believe in bringing websites to life with just minor, subtle animation. So, when your mouse hovers over a certain section of the homepage, we want to make it move a little bit. Again, we don’t want to overwhelm the user, but a little animation brings the website to life and is a very nice touch with its user.


There are so many different aspects of a website’s design that makes it successful. We strongly recommend that when you’re considering building a new website, you leave it to the professionals! Redemption Online Marketing wants to help Nashville businesses shine against their competitors. It all starts with a custom website!

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